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Red Berries by Shelli Rottschafer

Dot Your I’s with a Heart: A Retrospective Kerri. Shelli. Bradi. I stood sandwiched between my two cousins closest in age. Kerri, my maternal cousin led two years older and, Bradi, my paternal cousin, trailed one year younger. Three cousins whose common link was the […]

Glacier Bay by Anne Jacobson

  Dusty feet dragged several paces behind me on a curving forest pathway hemming a sunlit bay. The sound of whining children must surely be excellent bear repellent, this small nugget was among the riches of this Alaskan summer morning. Daniel and Maya had been […]

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The Mountain by Teresa Janssen

                                       The Mountain                                     By Teresa H. Janssen   Village life in the upper reaches of the Ecuadorian rainforest continued among the trees and flowers. By April, the suffocating heat gave way to the cooler winds of the rainy season soon to start. […]

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