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Wyoming on my Mind by Sarah Leamy

SARATOGA: It’s perfect, for the first time on the trip I truly relax. The free BLM campground was so flooded that I took off my boots and waded through the river with the dogs, batting away the mosquitos, just because we could. Then I got […]


A Call To Prayer by Breana Gervat

Travel Essay:  Sometime after noon the call to prayer comes rising over the sound of the engine that carries me from one continent to another across the Bosporus. Since arriving in these lands these have become my favorite hours in which time both stands still […]

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An Adventure in Southern Croatia By Kelli Lundgren

American Garage Sale: An Adventure in Southern Croatia Mid-September 2017, one Englishman and five Americans sail our boat Dico through a hostile Adriatic Sea hammering the south wall of Dubrovnik, Croatia. We grip the boat’s deck with skid-proof shoes to hold course against erratic white-capped ocean […]

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Water Fight in Thailand by Lisa Reily

I wait outside the hotel with my luggage when a pick-up truck pulls up beside me, attracting the eyes of staff in the swish Bangkok hotel I have stayed in for two nights, alone. The truck is full of excited Thai people, mainly women and […]