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Best of 2019: Susanne Aspley

No Problem Thailand, 1990 After the all night train ride, I arrive in Bangkok at oh-dark-thirty. I rub my eyes, yawn, and immediately light a cigarette, along with most of the train car of travelers. A few minutes later, a train attendant comes with a […]

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Postcards: Cliff Face

Dad, Do you remember the photos you showed me years ago, Ansel Adams in Yosemite? I said it wasn’t real, nothing is that perfect. Remember? I went there, stood looking, and still I’m not certain. Maybe it was in my mind. Maybe it’s no longer […]

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Postcard from Seville

AL— It’s hot. We’re exhausted but we walk all day anyway. Scottie and Nelly figured out that if they whine enough, they can ride on my shoulders. Charlie can order food by himself—in Spanish—almost. The kids are all so big now. They miss you more […]

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