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Consider the Monk Seal by Melissa

On the southeast side of the island of Oahu, rests a sharp, well-demarcated rock terrace overlooking a semilunar shaped bay. The name of the bay, Hanauma Bay, from the Hawaiian words, hana and uma, literally, and somewhat redundantly, means curved bay. A steep, paved path rises from the beach, […]

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Trains in the Night by Scott Morris

My new house was close to the railroad tracks that cut through the city’s lower south side. When my insomnia kept me awake, I heard the trains’ hooting calls, each one a warning to cars and late-night ramblers that they were passing by, crossing through, […]


A Place I know by Michael LeBron

Setting Sun finds comfort in relatable moments of a sleepy coastal town in the Republic of Ireland. S.Thala is a nostalgia soaked romanced inspired by L’Amore & a somber home town. Long Drag (Home) connects the present moments in NYC to daydreams of LA.   […]

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Bristol Bay by Keith Wilson

            The Bering Sea narrows into a corner above the Alaska Peninsula and below the Kuskokwim mountains, where the difference between ebb and flood transforms the shore more drastically than sunrise, sunset or the changing of seasons. This corner is  an arm of the Bering Sea called Bristol Bay.