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Water Fight in Thailand by Lisa Reily

I wait outside the hotel with my luggage when a pick-up truck pulls up beside me, attracting the eyes of staff in the swish Bangkok hotel I have stayed in for two nights, alone. The truck is full of excited Thai people, mainly women and […]

Free Niagara by Susan Sinclair Edele

The noise created by 75,750 gallons of water falling with 280 tons of force is like nothing I’ve heard before – maybe a roaring train with blizzard-like wind. We heard it – this roaring, swirling swooshing – the instant we stepped out of the van and […]

Red Berries by Shelli Rottschafer

Dot Your I’s with a Heart: A Retrospective Kerri. Shelli. Bradi. I stood sandwiched between my two cousins closest in age. Kerri, my maternal cousin led two years older and, Bradi, my paternal cousin, trailed one year younger. Three cousins whose common link was the […]

Married by a Monk by Suzanne Farrell Smith

Angkor Thom, once a majestic walled city enclosing nearly four square miles of the Cambodian jungle, is now a complex of stunning ruins. Lively markets and inexpensive resort hotels surround the site, so tourists (like me) crowd in close. Angkor Thom’s monuments, terraces, and temples […]