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Death Valley Photos by Paul Perilli

The dust storm: We were approaching our hotel at Stovepipe Wells when the sky darkened in the middle of the afternoon. At first, we weren’t sure why it was happening, then we realized a dust storm was blowing in. Soon our rental was getting battered […]


In the Shadow of the Taj By Alexis Stratton

Monkeys chasing each other across rooftops. The smoke from your cigarette. The curtain of the night falling behind the Taj, its shadowy silhouette. God is close. Allah moves across the face of the stone, never seen, but always present. Prayers called up to the night […]

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Bristol Bay by Keith Wilson

            The Bering Sea narrows into a corner above the Alaska Peninsula and below the Kuskokwim mountains, where the difference between ebb and flood transforms the shore more drastically than sunrise, sunset or the changing of seasons. This corner is  an arm of the Bering Sea called Bristol Bay.