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The Piero Tour of Italy by Bernie Langs

While familiarizing myself over the years with the pictures painted by the Masters of the Italian Renaissance, I found that one artist stands out as singularly enigmatic in his body of work, Piero della Francesca (c.1415-1492). I have read various summaries about della Francesca in […]

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The Reykjanes Peninsula by John .A. Barrett

Iceland – The Reykjanes Peninsula With my wife Sue, we stand on the southwest edge of Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula, the only place on earth where the mid-Atlantic Ridge is visible above sea level. This, bordering the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates, that float on […]


Home Ground by Liliana Manzone

In early morning mist scented by the Pacific Ocean’s breeze, the garden leaves shimmered under tiny droplets in the muted light.   A farmer at heart and now an urban gardener, I would descended the creaky, cold back stairs, drawn down by the strip of earth […]

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Kafka at Weisser Hirsch by Elana Wolff

Travel Essay:  In the summer of 1903, after taking his exam in historical law at Prague’s Charles University, twenty-year-old Franz Kafka traveled to Weisser Hirsch (White Hart) near Dresden to decompress at The Lahmann Sanatorium—a health spa founded by naturopath physician Heinrich Lahmann. Kafka became […]

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