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Tundra Dawn by Denise Merat

A small band of scarlet pushes up against blue dark horizon, a slow reversal –  one minute less than yesterday.   Shuffling into slippers, I slide on my long, black woolen coat and wrap my scarf against the chill, snug about my neck. In late […]

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Dubai by S. Neugebauer

the venetian princess of dubai   lucia, trailing spouse, hepburn svelte tretchikoff pout, alone at her ceiling-to- floor endless window watching the facing tower’s desperate sky-hung washers young men with squeegee, soap, and swaying red buckets, descending by only a harness of helix, steely rope […]

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Slow Poke Sunday by Nils Peterson

Travel Essay/Poem:  Off, then, on my slow poking around the stone and cobbles of Sedbergh – out the back door of the manor house, up the gravel slope, through the iron gate, and poling my way along the back trail to town with my walking […]

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