Meet the Team

Sarah Leamy, MFA is the Founder and Managing Editor. She is a bit of a wanderer, having left home in England at 18 to live in Germany, Spain, Guatemala and the States. She gives presentations on solo travels, overlanding, writing, and more. She’s an award-winning author of both novels, short stories, and travelogues.

Casey Kimberley is the Entrepreneurial Advisor and one of our Business Mentors with a long history of living all over the States, Europe and Australia. She currently lives in a van with Shaun West as they complete building their sailboat.

Peter Jacobson is the Tech Lead, a startup specialist, traveler, motorbiker, web designer, and consultant with over 20 years in the business working with clients in the USA, Europe, the UK and Mexico.

Tracy Ragan is the Business mentor and CEO of two software companies with over twenty years in the development world and a huge wealth of business knowledge to challenge us to develop a website that fits the audiences’ needs more than our own.

M. Brianna Stallings MFA is the Managing Editor and Guest Judge of the Best of Wanderlust Anthology 2019. She is an editor, writer and journalist based in Texas currently.

Stacy Nelson is our Office Manager and Book-keeper with over 20 years experience in helping businesses stay on track. In her teens and twenties, she was a “road dog”, all over the States with festivals, protests, and community building. She’s getting ready to hit the road again, this time in a van with her pup, K’naan.



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