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Tundra Dawn by Denise Merat

A small band of scarlet pushes up against blue dark horizon, a slow reversal –  one minute less than yesterday.   Shuffling into slippers, I slide on my long, black woolen coat and wrap my scarf against the chill, snug about my neck. In late […]

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Bristol Bay by Keith Wilson

            The Bering Sea narrows into a corner above the Alaska Peninsula and below the Kuskokwim mountains, where the difference between ebb and flood transforms the shore more drastically than sunrise, sunset or the changing of seasons. This corner is  an arm of the Bering Sea called Bristol Bay.


2018 Newsletter

  To start 2018, I wanted to thank everyone who has submitted to our new online journal. Wanderlust is thrilled by all the essays coming in, and the quality of each piece is incredible. In the last two months we’ve had stories set in Ireland, […]