Edges, Angels and Sedges by Amy Stonestrom

Travel Photos:


Bit O Honey Katmai National Park, Alaska. The salmon are late so two coastal brown bears fill their bellies with sedges. Then one stops and approaches the other. “You’ve got a little something . . . no, no up higher. I’ll get it.”


Seraph in the Mist Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska. The scientific name for humpback whales, Megaptera, means big winged. We never do see this whale’s giant flippers or its “wings” but back home I pull up the photo. My son points and says, “Look, there’s an angel in the whale fog.”

Feature image: Gap of Dunloe, Ireland. Most of the baas in Ireland are painted, a little red or a bit of blue, so the farmers can separate them at the end of the summer. The sheep in the Gap of Dunloe take it to a new level.

BIO: Amy Stonestrom is a writer and designer from Hudson, WI. For fun, (not really) she and her husband rehab old houses. She is currently a student in Bay Path University’s MFA program. In her spare time (and often in her sleep) she is making travel plans.

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