Author: Sarah Leamy

Postcard: The River

Gina, The boat stopped at a village. We wanted to see, maybe engage, find a connection. But we only have minutes not months. The thought of this being a human zoo weighs heavy on us. I paused and watched the mighty Mekong surging past, carrying […]

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Postcard from Seville

AL— It’s hot. We’re exhausted but we walk all day anyway. Scottie and Nelly figured out that if they whine enough, they can ride on my shoulders. Charlie can order food by himself—in Spanish—almost. The kids are all so big now. They miss you more […]

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Italy: Still Life by Nils Peterson

Still Life after seeing DaVinci’s Study of Violets & Welding Methods   The twin reading lamps behind the hotel room bed are imitation Ming vases – green and decorated with white curving plumes.  Their half shades reflect the light back onto the wood paneling behind […]


Pilgrimage by Julie Stielstra

I left the ashes today. Walked the 3 miles up from Assisi to Francis’s hermitage. Dug a spot in the woods on the hill under ivy and ferns, and read all the names out loud. Cats, dogs, horses…Francis will have to look after them for […]

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