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Loneliness by Nils Peterson

Bus across the fells of Mull – road, a single lane between hills barren, brown – hardly a sheep to note our coming. Bus mostly filled with the collared clergy, heavy-voiced, though on retreat – and some chattering women of the church. I feel superior, […]


Holy Spirits by Amy Stonestrom

         I am still eating as my husband asks the bartender where we should go for Irish music. I am listening to them, sort of. Todd raves about our meal and asks whether the bartender owns the pub.          “No, but I manage things. The […]

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A Place I know by Michael LeBron

Setting Sun finds comfort in relatable moments of a sleepy coastal town in the Republic of Ireland. S.Thala is a nostalgia soaked romanced inspired by L’Amore & a somber home town. Long Drag (Home) connects the present moments in NYC to daydreams of LA.   […]

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