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Wyoming on my Mind by Sarah Leamy

SARATOGA: It’s perfect, for the first time on the trip I truly relax. The free BLM campground was so flooded that I took off my boots and waded through the river with the dogs, batting away the mosquitos, just because we could. Then I got […]


The Real King of the Jungle by Sherri Harvey

Travel Essay: The South African landscape spreads out in muted tones of brown, grey gold and dirt-green. As the horses in front of me move, the dust from their hooves spreads a smoky filter of light over the landscape. I can taste the earth on […]

Random Crossed Paths Karen Lethlean

TRAVEL ESSAY: Probably the shape of my bags attracting their attention, at first. Over my shoulders were two unconventional long sausage-shaped bags, connected by webbing. After selling an Auckland purchased bike to a hostel manager in Christchurch I’d laced my bike panniers together, atop a […]

Leaning on Nothing by Judyth Hill

Leaning on Nothing “Outside your window a bird steps carelessly onto air and air buoys him. How must it feel to lean on nothing, until that nothing lifts you” ~ Lois Beebe Heyna   What was I thinking? Actually, at first it was something on […]