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Going Back by Anita Lekic

It was April, 2002. I contemplated my impending flight to Zagreb with Croatian Airlines with a sense of foreboding. Would I speak English, which I tentatively think of as my native language, or the language we routinely referred to as “BCS” (Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian—a […]

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Montana Dream Workshop by Nils Peterson

I open the shade             to an immense                         Montana early winter morning, White-topped mountains             thrusting up into a soft                         ash-gray, bluish-red sky.             A moose cow and calf –             still almost shadows –             nibbling on the water reeds,             by […]

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Cottage Rules by Gloria Nixon-John

 1959 was the year the music died. The Detroit Tigers were in fourth place the summer of ‘59, and Fidel Castro’s bearded face was on the front page of The Detroit Times day after day.  I was thirteen that year, in that limbo between being a […]

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Vassals of the Land by Nicholas Guerreiro

 An Essay on Home Maybe thirty metres down from the gravel shoulder where your cousin Manuel transcribed an arc with his bristled arm and said in brisk Portuguese what was your land and what was not, you take a hard turn into the bush. What […]

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