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Exposure by James Patterson

It wasn’t until I rode over Pumpkin Vine Hill in a snowstorm that I earned my stripes as a motorcycler. It was late October 2013, and I was on my way to Argentina when an overnight system descended on the southeast corner of Wyoming, turning […]

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Thinking like a Mountain

The Snowy Mountain Range in Medicine Bow National Forest (Wyoming) Narrative by Shelli Rottschafer/Photography by Daniel J Combs Saturday morning October 6, 2018 we cruised in our rented neon-blue Mitsubishi Outlander.  Highway I-80 West was completely fogged in.  Ahead, the glowing red taillights of tractor […]

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Wyoming on my Mind by Sarah Leamy

SARATOGA: It’s perfect, for the first time on the trip I truly relax. The free BLM campground was so flooded that I took off my boots and waded through the river with the dogs, batting away the mosquitos, just because we could. Then I got […]


Laramie, Wyoming by Lisa Mae DeMasi

Heart-on for Horse I first mounted you with fear and nervousness, knowing several others had come before me. Would you read me as just another careless rider? I wanted to bond with you right away and erase any absence of love for the horse. You […]

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