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Exposure by James Patterson

It wasn’t until I rode over Pumpkin Vine Hill in a snowstorm that I earned my stripes as a motorcycler. It was late October 2013, and I was on my way to Argentina when an overnight system descended on the southeast corner of Wyoming, turning […]

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Trains in the Night by Scott Morris

My new house was close to the railroad tracks that cut through the city’s lower south side. When my insomnia kept me awake, I heard the trains’ hooting calls, each one a warning to cars and late-night ramblers that they were passing by, crossing through, […]


Salida, Colorado by Sarah Leamy

A few days alone in the mountains did wonders for my confidence. We can do this. It’s not so bad, right? I talked to the pets constantly; full of words now that Trader Joes didn’t use them all up on customer service. Harold followed me […]

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Tree Bras? by Bill Diamond

Stories of Home Series:             All mountains attract.  The Rocky Mountains of Colorado ski country in Winter hold a special allure.  Summits, wilderness vistas, speed.             And, like all good travel, they bring unexpected surprises and upend existing beliefs.             For example, I assumed that […]


Thinking like a Mountain

The Snowy Mountain Range in Medicine Bow National Forest (Wyoming) Narrative by Shelli Rottschafer/Photography by Daniel J Combs Saturday morning October 6, 2018 we cruised in our rented neon-blue Mitsubishi Outlander.  Highway I-80 West was completely fogged in.  Ahead, the glowing red taillights of tractor […]

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