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Best of 2019: Susanne Aspley

No Problem Thailand, 1990 After the all night train ride, I arrive in Bangkok at oh-dark-thirty. I rub my eyes, yawn, and immediately light a cigarette, along with most of the train car of travelers. A few minutes later, a train attendant comes with a […]

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Russian Tea by Meg Freer

Brewed with boiling water from the silver samovar, the tea was brought at any time of day by the provodnitsa assigned to our carriage. We called her the tea lady and admired her brightly colored Russian scarf. Everyone drank the tea, including my three-year-old sister and […]

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The Orange Line by William Fleeson

The experience of riding the Orange Line—the branch of Washington’s metro between its western suburbs and downtown—depends largely on your attitude. One can begrudge it, or embrace it; what you cannot do is change the way it is. In my case, I ride between home […]

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Trains in the Night by Scott Morris

My new house was close to the railroad tracks that cut through the city’s lower south side. When my insomnia kept me awake, I heard the trains’ hooting calls, each one a warning to cars and late-night ramblers that they were passing by, crossing through, […]