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Italy: Still Life by Nils Peterson

Still Life after seeing DaVinci’s Study of Violets & Welding Methods   The twin reading lamps behind the hotel room bed are imitation Ming vases – green and decorated with white curving plumes.  Their half shades reflect the light back onto the wood paneling behind […]


Maxhutte Lost By Maddie Lock

“Hello, can you help me please,” I implore in my bad German as I skid up to a suited gentleman at a bus stop. He appears startled, and backs further onto the sidewalk. I’m on my Aunt Sieglinde’s garden bike, a sturdy three-speed with no […]

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History Narrated as Art by Anita Lekic

Five years ago, I was walking on the paredão from Monte Estoril towards São Joao do Estoril when right after the entrance by the station, I saw big black letters on the wall, announcing: 28 July 1914 AUSTRIA-HUNGARY DECLARES WAR ON SERBIA. I paused.  Of course!  […]

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Russian Tea by Meg Freer

Brewed with boiling water from the silver samovar, the tea was brought at any time of day by the provodnitsa assigned to our carriage. We called her the tea lady and admired her brightly colored Russian scarf. Everyone drank the tea, including my three-year-old sister and […]

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