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Holy Spirits by Amy Stonestrom

         I am still eating as my husband asks the bartender where we should go for Irish music. I am listening to them, sort of. Todd raves about our meal and asks whether the bartender owns the pub.          “No, but I manage things. The […]

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Kafka at Weisser Hirsch by Elana Wolff

Travel Essay:  In the summer of 1903, after taking his exam in historical law at Prague’s Charles University, twenty-year-old Franz Kafka traveled to Weisser Hirsch (White Hart) near Dresden to decompress at The Lahmann Sanatorium—a health spa founded by naturopath physician Heinrich Lahmann. Kafka became […]

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Bristol Bay by Keith Wilson

            The Bering Sea narrows into a corner above the Alaska Peninsula and below the Kuskokwim mountains, where the difference between ebb and flood transforms the shore more drastically than sunrise, sunset or the changing of seasons. This corner is  an arm of the Bering Sea called Bristol Bay.