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History Narrated as Art by Anita Lekic

Five years ago, I was walking on the paredão from Monte Estoril towards São Joao do Estoril when right after the entrance by the station, I saw big black letters on the wall, announcing: 28 July 1914 AUSTRIA-HUNGARY DECLARES WAR ON SERBIA. I paused.  Of course!  […]

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Breakfast by the Sea by Nils Peterson

Breakfast By The Sea, Santa Barbara Breakfast. Open patio.  By the sea. Thinking of dreams and dreaming. Feeling absurdly blessed.  I look up and see a school of dolphins swimming by, black rounded shapes with startling upright fins rising above dark blue water then sliding down again.  […]

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Tiznit by Stacy E. Holden

You sit in the cab of a dump truck heading through a pass in the Anti-Atlas Mountains. An American of Irish-German descent, you are 100 miles from the northern edge of the Sahara Desert, and 4,000 miles from the Connecticut suburbs where you grew up. […]