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My Name is Mai by JL Hall

Best of 2019: Bankgkok Every time I climb the stairs to the Skywalk, I look for her. For Mai, small and filthy in her yellow dress. She sits here against a pillar, baht scattered and glinting around her, a tattered cardboard sign propped in her lap […]

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Best of 2019: Michelle Bracken

Being There California, Summer, 1998 We had never gone away together, never taken a vacation. My mother had always been too busy cleaning houses, changing diapers, and dating worthless men. But she made time, one summer when I was fourteen going on fifteen, for us […]

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Best of 2019: James Agombar

Is this the End of the World? Savai’i, Western Samoa I knew it would be memorable part of my trip, but this underestimation made me question a few things. The boat from Upolu was soothing and people mostly kept their heads down to thwart the […]

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The Best of Wanderlust 2019

NOW AVAILABLE in both print and ebook formats. Thanks to the following contributors, you are amazing. Thanks to Brianna, you made this happen. Thanks to Carley for helping out too. James Agombar, Susan Aspley, Anthony Bain, Michelle Bracken, Steve Brouillette, Danny Burdet, Kaori Fujimoto, Lindsay […]

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