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The Birds Below by James Agombar

Atlas Mountains, Morocco. 2015 The sweat-box of Marrakesh seemed like another world when we had reached a few days into the trek. Suddenly it was cool, refreshing, and at this point I had to put my rainproof jacket on for the first time since entering […]

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Best of 2019: James Agombar

Is this the End of the World? Savai’i, Western Samoa I knew it would be memorable part of my trip, but this underestimation made me question a few things. The boat from Upolu was soothing and people mostly kept their heads down to thwart the […]

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Volcano Post by James Agombar

Tanna Island, Vanuatu 2011 Many reasons tend to blur together after a while when you ask enough travellers, ‘why are you travelling? What are you looking for?’ I’d been asked this question by many others, many times beforehand. This time, however, I had a solid reason […]

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