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Breakfast by the Sea by Nils Peterson

Breakfast By The Sea, Santa Barbara Breakfast. Open patio.  By the sea. Thinking of dreams and dreaming. Feeling absurdly blessed.  I look up and see a school of dolphins swimming by, black rounded shapes with startling upright fins rising above dark blue water then sliding down again.  […]

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Montana Dream Workshop by Nils Peterson

I open the shade             to an immense                         Montana early winter morning, White-topped mountains             thrusting up into a soft                         ash-gray, bluish-red sky.             A moose cow and calf –             still almost shadows –             nibbling on the water reeds,             by […]

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Loneliness by Nils Peterson

Bus across the fells of Mull – road, a single lane between hills barren, brown – hardly a sheep to note our coming. Bus mostly filled with the collared clergy, heavy-voiced, though on retreat – and some chattering women of the church. I feel superior, […]


Slow Poke Sunday by Nils Peterson

Travel Essay/Poem:  Off, then, on my slow poking around the stone and cobbles of Sedbergh – out the back door of the manor house, up the gravel slope, through the iron gate, and poling my way along the back trail to town with my walking […]

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