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Breakfast by the Sea by Nils Peterson

Breakfast By The Sea, Santa Barbara Breakfast. Open patio.  By the sea. Thinking of dreams and dreaming. Feeling absurdly blessed.  I look up and see a school of dolphins swimming by, black rounded shapes with startling upright fins rising above dark blue water then sliding down again.  […]

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Train by Susan Nordmark

An Essay on Home If you are going to take the train for the first time from Berkeley to Castro Valley instead of drive because you took that sleep drug last night that makes you lose attention and maybe have a car accident the next […]

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Travel Photos: Fear Farm

My roommate and I were originally going to head toward Napa, and go wine tasting. I don’t usually have days off, these days. But traffic was bad, so we decided to turn back. Now, both of us are writers. My roommate is a horror writer […]

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