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Italy: Still Life by Nils Peterson

Still Life after seeing DaVinci’s Study of Violets & Welding Methods   The twin reading lamps behind the hotel room bed are imitation Ming vases – green and decorated with white curving plumes.  Their half shades reflect the light back onto the wood paneling behind […]


Tundra Dawn by Denise Merat

A small band of scarlet pushes up against blue dark horizon, a slow reversal –  one minute less than yesterday.   Shuffling into slippers, I slide on my long, black woolen coat and wrap my scarf against the chill, snug about my neck. In late […]

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Montana Dream Workshop by Nils Peterson

I open the shade             to an immense                         Montana early winter morning, White-topped mountains             thrusting up into a soft                         ash-gray, bluish-red sky.             A moose cow and calf –             still almost shadows –             nibbling on the water reeds,             by […]

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