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The Almighty Zero Kilometer by Anthony Bain

The Spanish province of Palencia is an unwelcoming place during Spring. Dense fog and snow drifts cover the roads; some major highways are closed. The roads that run through the province are little more than featureless, endless stretches of asphalt flanked by wheat fields, forests. […]

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To Go/Atravesar By Caleb Gonzalez

Nothing will prioritize the quintessence of time in your life more than arriving at your layover destination 60 minutes late. It is even more stressful when your second flight happens to be international and you’ve eaten nothing and are about to fly across five time […]

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Postcard from My Future Self: Spain

You wanted to see Flamenco in Seville but your cheap lover said, “No.” Dancers stomped to wailing singers while you lay beneath a man at the Gran Hotel Lar hoping his moans meant love. Spain taught you the costs of the dances you performed and […]

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