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AZ Azimuth by Keith Moul

At one time if a mountain or an ocean wasn’t in sight I could not find anything magnificent to see. My home area was St. Louis, Missouri and the surrounding plains and grasslands. You could drive for hours and see nothing but magpies, maybe the […]

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Salida, Colorado by Sarah Leamy

A few days alone in the mountains did wonders for my confidence. We can do this. It’s not so bad, right? I talked to the pets constantly; full of words now that Trader Joes didn’t use them all up on customer service. Harold followed me […]

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Writer’s Retreat

With twenty acres to hike, views of distant mountains and mesas in the high desert, this is a unique place. Think of it as “Rustic Camping” with the simple life of wood stoves, writing in the daytime, and a huge view of mesas and mountains. […]