AZ Azimuth by Keith Moul

At one time if a mountain or an ocean wasn’t in sight I could not find anything magnificent to see. My

home area was St. Louis, Missouri and the surrounding plains and grasslands. You could drive for

hours and see nothing but magpies, maybe the same magpie following along with nothing else to do.

Eyelids lay so heavy and the mind would be thrummed senseless by the flat terrain.

But for about 50 years now I wander with a camera, alerted to insistent presence of fascinating sights,

sounds, textures, aromas, the whole panoply of sensual experience. Deserts especially how seduce me

into slow walks among the rocks and thorns; and the pastels so brilliant in the sun.





BIO: Keith Moul wrote, My group of Arizona photos, called AZ Azimuths, site past peaks, rocks and light poles on the day star. Thank goodness for digital photography without the nuisance of film and developing.

Keith Moul is a poet of place, a photographer of the distinction light adds to place. Both his poems and photos are published widely. His photos are digital, striving for high contrast and saturation, which makes his vision colorful (or weak, requiring enhancement).

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  1. the photo of the crow on the wall is compelling. I find myself looking at it again and again.


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