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Heartwood by Courtney Melvin

Travel Essay: We drove to Mentone on a whim.  The town sat within a safe distance of our Alabaster, Alabama home in the event of a catastrophe, but far enough away to forget the sounds of ambulance sirens and train screeches. My husband Jacob and […]

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Red Berries by Shelli Rottschafer

Dot Your I’s with a Heart: A Retrospective Kerri. Shelli. Bradi. I stood sandwiched between my two cousins closest in age. Kerri, my maternal cousin led two years older and, Bradi, my paternal cousin, trailed one year younger. Three cousins whose common link was the […]

A Different Set of Stars by James Agombar

Travel Essay: August 2011, I travelled on to the remote capital of Port Vila, Vanuatu. My partner Rachel was due to fly home though. At the time we couldn’t hold back the tears and although it was already planned, I hadn’t anticipated on having to leave […]

The Power of a Place by Meg Freer

Travel Essay: It’s the kind of place you would never know was there. The kind of place you only stumble upon by accident while meandering around back streets and alleyways during the type of late-night exploration one can’t do safely in a North American big city. […]