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Random Crossed Paths Karen Lethlean

TRAVEL ESSAY: Probably the shape of my bags attracting their attention, at first. Over my shoulders were two unconventional long sausage-shaped bags, connected by webbing. After selling an Auckland purchased bike to a hostel manager in Christchurch I’d laced my bike panniers together, atop a […]

Leaning on Nothing by Judyth Hill

Leaning on Nothing “Outside your window a bird steps carelessly onto air and air buoys him. How must it feel to lean on nothing, until that nothing lifts you” ~ Lois Beebe Heyna   What was I thinking? Actually, at first it was something on […]

March Newsletter

We call this a Narrative Map. Why? It’s all about location. The taste of the local food, the textures of the materials in the markets, the scent of the flowers and plants, the drinks, the conversations, the people. All of it.

Who are you Hagia Sophia? by Kim Sosin

 Who Are You, Hagia Sophia?   Within your inner dome, Madonna and Child watch over us, serene with nothing but ethereal air separating from roundels of calligraphy praising Allah and Muhammad.   Your history is our history, our enduring struggle for meaning, our eternal identity […]

Sidekick by Shelli Rottschafer

I pull out of my driveway.  The cooler rests in the well of the passenger side. My hiking boots stand at attention behind my seat waiting to be strapped on my feet. And, Makeda, my canine child is loaded in the back. Together we are […]