Grapetree Bay by Greg Hill

Best of 2019:

Three terns perch on the breaker.

Like the pelicans this morning,

they face the trade wind, but now the sun behind them

helps dry their little white feathers.


The pelicans have moved

down to the rocks that have soaked in the heat of the day.

From their crags and perches, they will watch the tide    tumble

below them. When the sun sinks lower, the pelicans will unfurl

into pillars of warm air to search

for fresh school fish.

But for now, each end of the beach is the dominion of content birds.

The tide keeps washing in, keeps crashing against the rocks, keeps time.

The afternoon is too hot for flying and diving. Even the sunburnt beachgoers

relish the warm, slow hours to nap before mango daiquiris and evening.


BIO: Greg Hill is a math tutor, adjunct professor of English, and voice-over actor in West Hartford, Connecticut.

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