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Iceland’s Borgarfjordur by John A. Barrett

We head north towards the Borgarfjordur region. With little spring traffic, we soon enter the 6-kilometer Hvalfjordur undersea tunnel towards Akrafjall and the north western areas, shortening the hour-long journey from Reykjavik to seven minutes. Sue, the GPS navigator, as the Icelandic countryside unfolds like […]

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The Reykjanes Peninsula by John .A. Barrett

Iceland – The Reykjanes Peninsula With my wife Sue, we stand on the southwest edge of Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula, the only place on earth where the mid-Atlantic Ridge is visible above sea level. This, bordering the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates, that float on […]


Land of Fire and Ice …and Elves?

Land of Fire and …. Elves: What I Learned in Icelandic Elf School by Donna Talarico Part — OK, most — of the allure of Iceland is its landscape of geological wonders. Volcanoes included. So I was both nervous and excited when, a week before […]