New Year Input!

Hello everyone,
Thanks so much for being part of this growing online sharing platform of travel stories and trip reports. For this coming year, now that we have such a great foundation of some 78,000 visitors in two years, I’d love to find ways to make this more interactive. Are you up for brainstorming with me?

Ideas include seeing if we can add a forum or conversation board on here without it costing too much more. Anyone familiar enough with WordPress to know? We have the premium plan right now. I’m not sure what we can do within this theme.

Another suggestion from one contributor was to add a members place where you have access to travel writing courses- yes, I teach them in New Mexico and Arizona. Would you be interested in a self-paced course? Or would you prefer a one-to-one mentorship style editor? Let me know.

Lastly, I thought to add a section that is for our recommendations. I’d like us to focus on the positive, the travel books that inspired us, the greatest experiences you know of near your home, that sharing of information would be great. I’d add it to the Submittable profile if we did have interest.
Call for Action as they say. What do you want to see on here? How can we build this up so you get to add and find the info and inspiration you want? What’s missing? What would you like to add? Are you a photography editor? Want to work with us on building up more photo essays?

Comments below. Let’s make this amazing, more for us all to add to and benefit from. It takes us all to make this our website. Join the conversation. Get involved.

Thank you all,



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