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Rescue from Machu Picchu by Eliot Wilner

January 2010, Urubamba River Valley On January 24 we boarded a train in Ollantaytambo for the twenty-six mile ride to the town of Aguas Calientes, the gateway to Machu Picchu where almost all tourists book overnight accommodations.  Train service had been interrupted during the previous […]

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Notier Frontiers: An Interview

Tim and Marissa Notier have recently returned from Peru and later this month are going to ride their motorcycle across Africa. We met at Overland Expo West in  May 2019 and chatted about their travels. Since then I’ve read their books and wanted to run […]


The Altiplano by John A. Barrett

We descend from Machu Picchu – the spectacular lost city of the Incas, encouraged by the spirited mastery of youths racing down the luxuriant grassy mountain, splitting multiple hairpin-bends to meet appreciative mini-buses’ occupants, before the train returns to Cusco. An occurrence mentioned in travel […]

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Postcards: Peru – Prelude

4/19/18 Cordillera Blanca, Peru Izzy, This is what I was doing the day you were born, lost at nightfall at 17,000ft. In Boston, your terrified father cupped you in his palms, 1lb.15oz. You lived. The greatest lie of adulthood is that we know what we’re […]

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