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Sidekick by Shelli Rottschafer

I pull out of my driveway.  The cooler rests in the well of the passenger side. My hiking boots stand at attention behind my seat waiting to be strapped on my feet. And, Makeda, my canine child is loaded in the back. Together we are […]

Robben Island by Nita Bajoria

  From Table Mountain it looked like a small piece of land floating on the vast Atlantic. To me it looked like one of those dots that connected and formed Nelson Mandela’s life and his achievements. I couldn’t wait to take a tour of the […]

Coyote Amidst the Sunflowers by Shelli Rottschafer

Road trips are cathartic. Summer 2015, I headed West with my trusted canine companion. Makeda, a black Golden Retriever rescue sat at my side. Our mission: to visit kindred spirits along my 2400 mile route, and re-establish long cherished friendships well-aged over the years. After […]

2018 Newsletter

  To start 2018, I wanted to thank everyone who has submitted to our new online journal. Wanderlust is thrilled by all the essays coming in, and the quality of each piece is incredible. In the last two months we’ve had stories set in Ireland, […]