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An Adventure in Southern Croatia By Kelli Lundgren

American Garage Sale: An Adventure in Southern Croatia Mid-September 2017, one Englishman and five Americans sail our boat Dico through a hostile Adriatic Sea hammering the south wall of Dubrovnik, Croatia. We grip the boat’s deck with skid-proof shoes to hold course against erratic white-capped ocean […]

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Sidekick by Shelli Rottschafer

I pull out of my driveway.  The cooler rests in the well of the passenger side. My hiking boots stand at attention behind my seat waiting to be strapped on my feet. And, Makeda, my canine child is loaded in the back. Together we are […]

Coyote Amidst the Sunflowers by Shelli Rottschafer

Road trips are cathartic. Summer 2015, I headed West with my trusted canine companion. Makeda, a black Golden Retriever rescue sat at my side. Our mission: to visit kindred spirits along my 2400 mile route, and re-establish long cherished friendships well-aged over the years. After […]