Passing Through by Ava Bird

cruising at high speeds

through deserts

back desert roads

back roads


deep thoughts wondering


why is it like this?


third eye working hard out there

on the sun beating down

beating down hard

rays of golden light

soak it up

drink it in

suck it down

it burns sometimes

this light

this hard core burning

of karma thru action

right action

right thoughts

ill keep it in mind

keep it in my heart

keep it wandering free

these thoughts on these roads

these back roads

through old towns and sacred sites

just passing through

thank you for having me

thank you for letting me pass

thanks for the signal

the signs the open roads

the glowing sunsets

the  drive by glory

the paradise out of windows,

looking deep,

dreaming big

of times of good days

those good old days

the times we were free

when we were just running

giggling in fields

sneaking out late

laughing over everything

flipping and jumping

just being a kid

and feeling happy and free

so I got back in touch

Found those days and feelings again

through magic and focus pocus

I got there

going deeper now.

Growing in up other ways

that’s nice too

we can’t stay forever

learning and adapting

is part of our cosmos

its in the stars

the wax and wane

the sun and moon.

Time to shine again




Ava Bird is a pranic artist practicing presence and poetry from the places of heart and soul and beyond.   Also, an author, a mixologist, a mythbreaker, a sharer, a comedian and a chef of many proportions.

Her works are printed in historical anthologies, academic journals, spiritual publications, online, recorded for radio and with music and exhibited in galleries.

She has organized and produced various kinds of events including the great art movement ‘100Thousand Poets for Change,” a universal gathering of worldwide poets and artists promoting equality, peace, justice, sustainability for the planets and beings, global love and positive changes for all & more.

May all beings be happy and free!