2018 Newsletter


To start 2018, I wanted to thank everyone who has submitted to our new online journal. Wanderlust is thrilled by all the essays coming in, and the quality of each piece is incredible.

In the last two months we’ve had stories set in Ireland, Alaska, Maine, Mexico, Ecuador, Russia, Africa, Ethiiopia, Norway and the US.

As the founder and managing editor of Wanderlust Journal, I wanted to say thank you again. I created this website as I’m a wanderer, a writer and photographer. I couldn’t find outlets to share my stories, most travel websites were more interested in how-to lists, recommendations, or politically savvy essays. There is a place for those here but our focus is on location, on creating a narrative map, to inspire others to explore. I believe that together we are filling that void. Let’s keep going. Please let your friends know and follow along.


  • MISTAKES: Tell of those times you’ve been stuck somewhere and found the magic despite hating it!
  • COINCIDENCES: Remember when you were walking down a street in Guatemala and met Steve? I do. A friend from college in London, from the early 1990s. And there we were in Antigua in 2005.
  • ODD JOBS: Have you found work while travelling that you never imagined doing? Tell us. I sold roses on a street corner in Portland, Oregon, and cleaning motels in Tennessee.


We have essays from Denmark, Greece, Argentina, Lake Huron, Colorado, Bahamas, Shanghai, Santa Fe, Tuscany, Italy, Australia, South Africa, Cuba and from a sailboat off the coast of Florida.
The writers come from all walks of life: We want to keep this open for all writers, new and established, with well-written stories that take us into the location and event.

Once again, thank you. Let’s keep this going.

Sarah Leamy

Founder/ Managing Editor


Sarah Leamy is an award winning author and cartoonist. Born in the UK, she has lived in Spain, Germany, Guatemala and all over the States. Home is New Mexico but is currently living in Vermont.