Reimagined Urban Graffiti

by Lindsey Morrison Grant

“John Wayne’s Teeth” Photo of Found Objects (actual porcelain crowns atop a signal control box) digitally manipulated and titled to honor the song from the film “Smoke Signals”.

“All the Eggs in 1 Helmet” This Digitally Manipulated photo has no resemblance to the original, as it represents disproportionate military spending by US Gov (placing all its “eggs” in one helmet).

” Revelation” employs a light burst to contrast the darkness of the image and highlights the color.

“Train of thought” Digital abstract from original inverted and enhanced photo.

“No. 3” Not unlike the effect of crackle glaze in ceramics, this abstract is “antiqued” by the addition of hairline “cracks” to complement its vintage 1970s color scheme.

“Celebration” This abstract is an homage to Jackson Pollack.

“Aqua-script” Electric blues and greens make this abstract image the antithesis of the original, tagged city dumpster shot.

Cover Image: “Streamers” This modern art masterpiece is a digitally remastered conceptualization of stumbled upon urban graffiti.

BIO: Self-identifying as a neurodivergent, two-spirit, elder storyteller and contrarian deeply rooted in the roar and lore that’s become Portlandia of The Left Coast, Lindsey Morrison Grant attributes success and survival to superlative supports, mindfulness practice, and daily creative expression in words sounds, and images.


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