Colorado and Moving On

I have some rather interesting news: I am passing along the website into the good hands of Rachel Schinderman. Wanderlust Journal, the online resource for many of us to publish our travel stories will be under her care from this summer of 2023 as I focus my attention more on my own writing and travels. I also talk about Colorado where I’ll be the next four months which will be explored more on the podcast, sharing trails, events, kayaking, hiking and more suggestions. I read from Dan Koeppel’s book “To see every bird on earth” as I’ve hit that age when feathered flying things make me look up saying, oh pretty…

I also read a VERY short piece from Stay, by me, Sarah Leamy, (Madville Publishing, 2023) which is coming out this month and is an unusual travel memoir, a mix of personal anecdotes, fears, cartoons, links to music, and photos.

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Music by Sofia Nehama Avery

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