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For as little as $1 to $5/month, your financial support would help pay for the costs of running these various websites, take the time to promote the work and events, get to trade shows and conferences, and still pay for a very simple lifestyle while I focus on this and other travel related projects.

I spend most of time each week writing, researching travels, other travellers, online, my own work, learning about promotion and marketing, developing new ideas, designing logos and fliers for us to take to trade shows. I love it. And it means that this is my life’s work. And you’re my community, the ones I aim for when sending out posts, stories, photos, the ones I want to meet at shows.

I would like to keep you as part of my creative, travel, and personal life. The support of knowing you care enough to subscribe to this website, to the newsletters, to the Wanderlust Journal keeps me motivated. Your interest in my projects makes all the difference; writing and solo traveling can be isolating (but not lonely!). I’d like to keep building our community here but it’s hard when I’m financially struggling and both of our editors, Tej and Clement are volunteering their time and passion for this project.

Photo: Taken in Baja California as my radiator blew on the back roads to Guerrero Negro, at Coco’s Corner!

This link SHOULD work but… let me know if you have a problem. I set it so you can decide how much you’d like to offer.

Thanks again, I really appreciate your help keeping these projects going.

If not, try here!


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