Spring Newsletter 2022

Happy Spring! 

In this newsletter, I’ll be telling you about some great travel events, recommending travel books, news of a new section on the website, offering a few YouTube suggestions, and telling you of opportunities to be involved, merchandise now available, our subscription link, and our thanks for being part of this community. Enjoy! 

Events 2022: 

First off, we have Overland Expo in Flagstaff, AZ. It begins May 20th and runs through the weekend. I’ve been going to these events for over ten years, starting when it was a MUCH smaller community. The focus these days has been expanding it into a trade show for off-roading 4×4 vehicles yet it still has the magical aspect – the talks, presentations, movies, and classes. That’s where you’ll be inspired by others’ travel stories. If you do go, come by the authors’ tent and say hello. I’ll be there with our books as well as stickers, tee shirts, and sweatshirts. 

In June, I recommend Overland Adventure Rallies, which focuses on people’s stories, skill sharing, and hands-on classes. This one is in Gunnison, Colorado. I went to one of theirs in Washington State a few years ago, magical times and great conversations. Here’s the link: 

Both companies have other shows this summer and I’ll include them in another newsletter. 

Book Recs:

Sam Manicom, who some of you will know or have come across here on Wanderlust, has edited and compiled a new collection of motorcycle stories. 

The Moment Collectors: Twenty Travellers’ Tales from Around the World

In a celebration of motorcycle overlanding, twenty authors share the surprises and all the natural drama of travel; the fun, the laughter, the high points and the lows, the challenges and the outcomes. Travel with them to the big sky plains of Mongolia, African Deserts, the majesty of Pamir Highway, the far reaches of Alaska, the breath-taking drama of Andean backroads and the rugged Trans-Labrador Highway. Delve into the intriguing world of the Sinai, meet surfers in Mexico and be hosted by Iron Angels in Russia. Meet Slavic the jaw-dropping Polish streaker, hike a turquoise glacier in Argentina, stay in a love motel, ride the top of the world with Golden Eagles, and much more. Interested?

New Section: 

With a growing audience around the world, we’re now going to include a category for you to share your travel blog with us. Send me a link either to your home page or a specific post. I’ll be slightly picky and will only publish those that fit this community, so nothing sexist, racist, or any of that shit, just inspiring open-hearted trips please. It will be done directly through me, Sarah, so you’ll need to email me via the contact portal on Wanderlust. I’d ask for you to make a small subscription of $1 month via the Patron button.


One way that I do my research online is using a mix of the iOverlander app, google and maps, and then I turn to YouTube for a visual. Again, I’m happy to share your YouTube channels via the new Bloggers category on Wanderlust (see above). Anyway, I found watching video clips of driving through Mexicali really helpful in taking away some of the anxiety of the unknown. For example, here’s one of my micro-vlogs about driving through a military checkpoint near San Ignacio. It has a terrible reputation online and so I recorded myself as a bit of a safety precaution. (Disclaimer, it’s a phone video and unedited!) The fellas were polite, curious, and happy to do their job respectfully. 

Wanderlust Team News:

I was lucky enough to spend my winter on the beaches in Baja, away from the coughing crowds, in the old van with my two dogs. I’m writing up my notes and mixing them with suggestions, directions, questions, advice for other solo travellers. I’ll let you know when it’s out for general consumption. In the meantime, I’m back and can catch up with Wanderlust. Tej and Clement held down the fort for those months. 

Tej Rae has a new book out, Sirens, for young children and it’s doing really well where she lives, in Ethiopia. Have a look.

Call for Volunteer Interns:

I’m very thankful for having a team behind this project. We’d love to have more people join us, mostly to help us spread the word to readers, travellers, and writers. I’d like to build out this website as a source for great well-written essays as well as a place for photographers, bloggers, and others to share information and in the process, let’s build a community inspiring each other. Sound good? 


I’d created a few tee shirts and sweatshirts last fall and had a surprisingly positive response to them while on the road. I’ll be selling them at the Overland rallies this summer but here is the link to get yourself a few. 

Be a Patron:

As you know if you’ve submitted to us, we use a software called Submittable. It costs $34 month and out of each fee, they take 30% of that whopping $5 we ask for. The websites through WordPress, advertising, getting to trade shows, printing our collections, promoting the websites etc. all costs more than the submissions bring in. It comes out of my pocket and to be honest, I’m living in a van and work on this project and my own writing full time: I’m pretty broke. If you’d please consider clicking on the Patron link and subscribing just a dollar each, that would make a huge difference. Thank you. 

With much thanks for being part of this online community, I hope I will get to meet a few of you at these travel rallies this summer. Please stay in touch and send us your best trip reports to pass along. Cheers! 


Photo by Shelly Johnson, 2022

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