Introducing the Wanderlust Journal Podcast!

with Tips, Tricks, and Travel Stories from around the world with your host, Sarah Leamy

Would you like to hear trip reports from Morocco, Russia, Ecuador, Eritrea, Rome, Sydney, the Sahara Desert, and beyond? I’m bringing together my love of travel anecdotes, writing and conversations on a new podcast. I wanted you to know as you’ve been part of Wanderlust and my own extended community for a while. Anyway, each week a new episode features a travel essay from , as well as other suggestions, excerpts and ideas to get you out on the road. You’ll get news about upcoming events, places to visit, safety as a solo travelers, how to take your pets, do it on a budget and more.  I hope you’ll subscribe and listen in for a mix of trip reports, recommendations of documentaries and books to look out for, as well as tips for gear, the numerous events you shouldn’t miss, and of course suggestions on how to improve your travel writing. 

As many of you know, Wanderlust Journal grew out of a desire to read and share all the incredible travel stories that we all have. It provides a place for those who live abroad, took round the world adventures as well as those who simply went on amazing trips, coming back with stories to tell. Since being founded in 2017, there have been over 500 such stories published with contributors from 63 countries and more than 157,000 readers from 114 countries. Truly a global community. I’ll be reading posts from the anthologies to start with, giving the bios and websites of each author. I hope to include newer work too. With that in mind, if you submit and are published on the website, let me know if you’d like to record yourself reading your work. (Check the submissions page for the latest info on how to submit.)

The question is, where’s next?

Subscribe to find out~

BIO: Sarah Leamy is a well-known as an adventurer and author of the award-winning Vanlife, Bring a Chainsaw, and other books. She has a master’s degree in Writing and Publishing. She presents at various writing conferences and travel shows about her travels and the craft of great writing. As a teenager, she hitched across France alone and since then has taken trains, buses, motorbikes, and 4x4s  across Europe and North America, and more recently drove an old van into Mexico for five months. She now lives on the road, a true nomad, storyteller, and writer. Her mantra is Explore, Publish, Inspire.  

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If you have questions or suggestions, let me know please. I’ll try to answer a few of them each week. The trailer will go live the end of October  and the first season begins November 2022. Stay tuned!


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