Tiffany Coates

Tiffany Coates began her very first motorcycle trip with her best friend, riding two-up, reaching the ground on tip-toe on a quarter-tonne BMW called ‘Thelma’. Having recently passed their tests they had just two months of riding experience between them when they set off. Breaking bones, doing bad Abba impressions, and reading maps upside down, they wobbled out of the UK and across Europe all the way to India.

That first journey was supposed to last nine months, but once they reached Delhi, they found they couldn’t stop and so they ended up crossing four continents and staying on the road (or trail!) for two and a half years. Tiffany was well and truly bitten by the motorcycle travelling bug.

“Tiffany Coates is a true moto adventurer with more away-from-home miles than most riders could hope to experience. She is an inspiration to us all.” Jim Martin, Adventure Rider Radio


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