by George Stein


Coney Island swirl: I took my friend regina to do a shoot at coney island. Normally, I try to improvise as much as possible, to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves. In this photo, there was a conservative, jewish family visiting the coney island pier. One of the men started walking towards our shoot and as he passed by, he said ‘sorry’. I wasn’t really sure what I had captured but upon editing, I was happy to find that I captured this furtive glance.


Weathering Umbrage: Times Square, NYC in the rain, umbrellas out.


Midtown: a reflection off a bus of the area around times square, NYC.


Fat-Iron. It’s not obvious because of the darkness, but if you look closely, you can identify the outline of the flat-iron building in nyc. I like the golden light and reflections, and I love the clock, thus this photos inclusion here.


Monty, Kingsbury. There is an abandoned Ordnance storage area in Kingsbury, Indiana, where they originally loaded bullets and mortars with explosive charges for the war effort, world war II. These concrete bunkers under-ground were used to store ordnance before shipping it out via the train. On an overcast day, there is a very lonely and forlorn feeling to the place. Monty is our dog and he posed for the shot.

BIO: I’m a photographer originally from the midwest currently shooting in the greater NYC area. I focus primarily on art, street, and surreal genres, and I have been published recently in Fatal Flaw, Wrongdoing Magazine, and Tofu Ink Arts. I am georgelstein.comand on insta, @steincapitalmgmt.

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