Liza Miller runs the Re-Cycle Garage out of Santa Cruz, CA, a free co-op motorcycle garage that has been supporting the two-wheeled community for over 12 years. Host and producer of the Motorcycles & Misfits podcast, one of the longest-running and most successful motorcycle podcasts available. You need to keep track of her as she’s pretty busy.

  • Leads women’s tours of Pakistan called Chickistan
  • Writer/Director of two short movies, The Sobbing Scooterist and Motosexual.
  • VP of Marketing and Global Routing for the Women Riders World Relay
  • Recipient of the Friend of the AMA award from the American Motorcycle Association

So what exactly is Chickistan? It’s the brain-child of Liza Miller and A Different Agenda. They both want to encourage female travelers to explore the raw beauty of Pakistan. By motorcycle. Small ones. On rough roads. Slowly.

In 2017, the first ever ‘Chickistan’ tour kicked off with 12 incredible women from half a dozen different countries. They met in Lahore to start the historic motorcycle tour, and on their journey, visiting different schools, hospitals, historical sites and hidden gems in remote areas all over the northern mountain region of Pakistan. They have just returned from another brilliant trip where nine women riders explored Pakistan this September 2021.

Michelle Lamphere wrote about her experience and shared these photos:

“My favorite part of any trip is the people I get to meet along the way. And my trip to Pakistan was no exception. Moin Khan @adifferentagenda tailored our trip to accommodate almost every request. Some of us wanted to visit local schools. Others wanted to meet with fellow women motorcyclists. And still others hoped to meet and support local women in business. Liza Miller, with her vast network of moto world contacts and friends, had a few aces up her sleeve as well. And the first person she reached out to was the inspiring woman in the center of the photo.Zenith Irfan, a warm-hearted spirit known in her country as “Motorcycle Girl”, is the first Pakistani female motorcyclist to ride across Pakistan. She generously took time to travel to our hotel and welcome our group to her country. We enjoyed our first evening in Islamabad with her as she shared some of her experiences and memories. What an honor and a pleasure. Thank you for your time and friendship, @ZenithIrfan, and for inspiring so many women in your country and around the world.”

Hosted by Moin Khan @

Michelle Lamphere 

Michelle Lamphere has lived life on both sides of the traveler equation – as a 20+-year hospitality executive and as a traveler who has visited more than 70 countries. What once was her weekend hobby of motorcycle riding transitioned into her love of adventure motorcycle travel. She spent two years riding more than 80,000 kilometers through 20 countries in the Americas and has written two books based on that experience. She is a dedicated supporter of women motorcyclists and serves as the President of the USA Division of the Women’s International Motorcycle Association (WIMA). She is a Co-Founder of Rev Sisters, a motorcycle event company that created an annual series of online motorcycle film festivals in 2020. You can find more about Michelle Lamphere and her other motorcycle adventures below:

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