Reflective Objectivity

Olivia Loccisano

Women have the unique lived experience of expected ornamentation. Decorated for the eye and forced into a visual delicacy. Have you ever imagined the mannequins; the effigies; the dolls; that come alive when no objectifying eye is cast upon them? Do they become more than the sum of their plastic parts? Reflected against the glass through which they look, spans the natural world. The women look and yearn. For, they can only look out from their silicone eyes and see the earth. But life renders. Life flourishes. Life destroys and breaks. The women come alive and break through machines. Through this series, they become subjects, not objects; and demanding– not begging– to be heard, and not seen.

Photos taken in Toronto, Ontario.

BIO: Olivia Loccisano is a storyteller from Toronto, Canada. She teaches Photography, English, and Dramatic Arts to high school students.



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