Shedding Light

Micaela Edelson

Window Shopping –Taken in the holy town of Rishikesh, India, the monkey passes by spiritual vendors selling their guided rituals to give offerings of flowers and prayers to the River Ganges and the Hindu goddess, Gaṅgā.

Class Portal– Taken in Lisbon, Portugal, this picture depicts the city’s wealthier waterfront neighborhood through the window of an abandoned and graffitied home. Portugal, like many countries, suffers from high unemployment rates, specifically affecting their young adults.

Rock Hard–Taken in Kiev, Ukraine, this photograph captures an art installation used to highlight social inequities. As the metal pillow and blanket would normally be soft and warm, the hard and cold materials used in the sculpture highlight that sleeping in the park will never be very comfortable.

Out of the Tunnel–Taken in Budapest, Hungary, the photographer captures the light of the public transportation system in contrast to the dark and gloomy atmosphere of the rest of the scenery. Although Budapest is a cultural hub and idolized tourist destination in Central Europe, it also has a dark history of authoritarianism and Nazi collaboration. The title references the country’s evolution from its past and also uses the train image to reference the common phrase, “Light at the end of the tunnel” except now, in theory, the train has reached the light.

Re(purr)posed–Taken in Büyükada, Turkey, this image depicts a cat repurposing apparent junk for its own use.

BIO: Hailing from Salem, Oregon, Micaela Edelson is a passionate writer and photographer aiming to shed light on humanity’s prioritization of profit over people and our constructed relationship with the natural world.

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