Niagara Falls by Tisha Maria Mendes

Travel Photos: The Featured photo is the Horse Shoe Falls – Better Known as the Canadian Falls, it is a huge U shape waterfalls with a sound of raging thunder as the water plummets down on the limestone rocks creating a soft white mist sometimes you might see a rainbow on the falls.


The USA falls and Rainbow Bridge – The USA falls is a smaller counterpart of the horseshoe falls along with the bridal veil falls. The Rainbow bridge is one of many pedestrian and vehicular bridges providing Canada and USA with a spectacular view of both the falls as people from around the world make their way between the two countries.


A Partial Lunar Eclipse On the Falls – The ominously scarlett moon obscured by the sun rose arrogantly above the blood red falls at night which is a symbolic colour for us Canadians and happens to be my favourite picture of the bunch.


The Swirling Currents engulfing a rock -The strong currents engulf rocks on their way down stream which is why the currents become a splash of foamy white and blue waves which thunders down stream and as a result date niagara parks has not been able to commercialize the untamed fury of these rapids.


Whirlpool Rapids – One of the world’s wildest, grade six rapids which can be viewed by whirlpool aero cars over head or while walking along the whitewater boardwalk.

BIO: Tisha Mendes is an avid traveller since her birth and has travelled the world. She has experienced the fury of storms in the Mediterranean, the magnificence of the Nile flanked by the Great Arabian Desert and the beauty of Coral Reefs in the Andamans and Australia. Inspired by her travels she developed a deep love of nature. Tisha, is a published photographer. Her photographs are going to be published for “The Tiny Seed Literary Journal’ this November in Vermont. Her work as an educator brings her in close proximity to forests, trails, lakes and woodlands around Waterloo Ontario where she helps the students apreciate nature. During her trips she captures and preserves the pristine beauty of Nature in her Photographs.

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